Sunday, April 10, 2011

Exhibit A for who should NEVER be allowed to write legislation

Tennessee seems to think that they got a raw deal back eighty six years ago or so. They're going to reclaim their lost reputation.

Most amasing of all from that article is this:
Rep. Sheila Butt, R-Columbia, said when she was in high school, “we gave up Aqua Net hair spray” because of fears “it was causing global warming.”

“Since then scientists have said that maybe we shouldn’t have given up that aerosol can because that aerosol can was actually absorbing the Earth’s rays and keeping us from global warming.”
First rule of public speaking: If you haven't the least idea of what you're talking about, you ought to STFU. It's hard to count everything that is just totally wrong in what she said. That was ozone, ozone depletion is still a problem, getting rid of fluorocarbons has helped, scientists still are worried about greenhouse gases (which aren't fluorocarbons) and climate warming and you shouldn't be emptying out your hair spray if you don't want to contribute to the problems....

So she's part of the claque writing legislation on what kind of folderol fundie and/or RW 'science' teachers can be permitted to foist off on the kiddies. She's the expert at what is allowable 'science'....


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